The Spirit of Nature by Ian Adams Landscape Photographer

“Early civilisations were thankful to the landscape and its content. They were able to recognise it as their only means for survival. There is still much of the innate spirit of the landscape in all people. We have not lost the love of nature, perhaps it’s more we have lost our understanding of it.” Ian Adams

All prints are printed on Archival grade papers and are a signed limited print run of 10 images in total.

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Thursday 3 October 4 – 7pm

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“I was fortunate enough to have been raised on various types of farms throughout my teenage years, varying from the dry wheat farms to the lush cattle country of southern Victoria.

From this experience, I gained an intimate knowledge of nature and how we have a high expectation of it to perform the way we want it to. This does not happen. I developed my respect for how nature works—naturally, not how we wish it to.

As I got older, I spent time in the natural environment at every opportunity, which was very often, surfing almost every day for many years.

At this time I began to discover photography, wanting to try to capture what I saw and felt. Then the journey into the mind began, to try to understand the images that I needed to express the emotions I felt at the time, into an image. I feel that I’m close but am still searching today. It’s a never ending journey.

Along the way, I discovered the understanding that our primitive mind still remains and our understanding of the natural environment can be resurrected.”