At Fresh Pict, we take our work and our clients seriously. That said we also like to have fun while we’re hard at it – which is why we’re so easy to work with.

We call ourselves a creative solutions agency, meaning we function within both the design and advertising arenas; so we’re able to offer a range of fresh ideas across multiple media and deliver them to market.


A good strategy answers the ‘how to’ of your overall business goals. At FreshPict, we employ an organic approach to developing strategy, meaning no two strategies are the same – definitely no cookie cutter solutions around here!

To develop a strong strategy it’s important for us to understand your brand, your target market and what you’re offering. And the best way to do this is through explorative discussion. But we’re not just all talk.

We also leverage the insight of market research and draw upon our years of experience – all to develop a specific strategy for you to gain a bigger slice of the market share pie.


Fresh Pict achieves simple, appropriate and memorable creative to successfully differentiate our clients’ brands. How do we do this? By employing solid design principles, utilising our creative intelligence and drawing upon our years of experience in equal measure. But it’s not all about us.

We listen to our clients. And we mean really listen. We leave our egos at the door, which means we won’t give you what we think is going to just look pretty. We incorporate your feedback, to ensure you’re as enthusiastic about the final design as we are. We’ll give you something that we all believe will work.

Print Production

Our humble beginnings were in print so at FreshPict we know it to its core. Print is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, and still plays an important role within a coordinated marketing program or strategy.

Whether the print job is to produce catalogues, posters, magazines, newsletters, carry bags or business cards – a quality print job is essential because it’s a reflection on your brand. FreshPict only works with the most trusted printers in the business to ensure a cost-effective, superior print job every time.

Photography & Videography

When you’re talking about visual communication, imagery is where it all begins.The strength of an image is what draws the audience in, engaging them and encouraging them to look further at your brand and message.

Looking for product and portraiture imagery? It’s a snap at FreshPict’s in-house photographic studio, equipped with everything you need for a great shoot. Need to be onsite? Our photographers are just as happy to head out and capture those lifestyle and in-situ shots for you.

And if it’s colour and movement you want, our videographers are experienced in shooting all types of video. From retail, music, fashion, infomercials and more – the sky is literally the limit when it comes to image making at FreshPict.


A digital presence offers a connectivity and immediacy like never before – and provides clients with new ways to engage with their audiences.

Wonderful things can happen out in the ether, and at FreshPict we’re all for making them happen. Whether it’s building websites, delivering email campaigns, populating YouTube channels or creating online advertising assets, we dig all things digital.

Our account managers are able to maintain your digital presence on an ongoing basis, but we’re just as happy to hand over the reins to you if you want to control your digital own presence. We’ll get you up and running and then train you on your content management system, email execution and other online channels so you’ll be a digital whizz in no time!


We’re a chatty bunch at FreshPict, and love nothing more than getting people connected and talking. All too often however, we see social media turn into social noise. Do you really need Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Digg and Instagram?

Rather than coaxing our clients to jump into the social rabbit hole, we’d rather provide an honest approach and real guidance to social media – based on well thought out strategies unique to each client. If you do think social media’s the go for your business, then we’ll help identify and employ the right strategy to build your brand, increase sales and make the right connection withyour customers.

Project Management

It’s all about the service at FreshPict, which is why we go all out to make the management and delivery of creative projects as easy as possible. Our clients are able to sit back and relax while we take care of the end-to-end management of your project – we start at the concept stage and finish only when the very last box of business cards has been dropped off.

At FreshPict we know how to deliver on time and within budget, we do it time and time again. So whether it’s catalogues in mailboxes, digital assets with media agencies, posters in retail outlets or emails in inboxes – allow us to call upon the bevy of contacts in our well leafed book of providers, in order to get the job done and get it done right.

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